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Google AdWords is an exceptional PPC advertising strategy to flourish your business in the ever-evolving digital world. If you need to grow your business, you need to hold a strong and legitimate partnership with the best digital marketing agency. Bud, a leading Google Ads company in Bangalore, that knows every nook about digital marketing, can help you achieve higher in the digital realm.
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A must have platform for digital marketing

Google’s infinite data repository continuously grows, fuelled by endless inputs. Thus, Google AdWords stands out as a great tool for enhancing your business visibility. This PPC advertising platform allows you to position your offerings at the forefront of Google search results through targeted keywords. This Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising mechanism is designed to capture user interest at critical moments.

It directs clicks from well-placed ads to specific landing/product pages. Leveraging Google AdWords effectively not just ensures that your information/product gains prominence. It also reaches the intended audience precisely. Thus making it one of the greatest strategies for digital marketing efforts.

Google AdWords, is that ad campaign we run that can reach billions of people in the digital world. Not only that, Google AdWords advertisement is a cost-effective strategy for all business types, especially for small or new businesses.

adwords adwords agency in bangalore
Best adwords adwords company in bangalore

Why are we, The best to work with?

Handling Google AdWords and tracking the performance and optimization of the campaign needs an expert. Bud, the best Google AdWords company in Bangalore, has over 13+ years of experience in this digital marketing sector. We easily achieve the maximum results by following strategic moves with the smart brains of the Bud team.

Bud can help in profound business development through search engine optimization, google ads management, social media marketing, and digital marketing services in Bangalore and beyond. Pay-per-click is one of our highly result-oriented marketing strategies. Bud has a deep understanding of the process of Google Ads management. We make sure to make your brand rank at the top through effective search engine marketing.

Benefits of hiring bud for Google Ads management

Hiring the best Google AdWords company in Bangalore, Bud offers several benefits for brands that want to establish a strong online presence. Some of our top benefits are as follows:

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In Bud, we are equipped with expert digital marketing professionals adept in their field. Our experts are always updated to bring out the best ad campaign results for your business.

Employing Bud, an expert Google Ads company in Bangalore will prove cost- effective in the long run. Our digital team helps in optimizing your ad campaigns to the maximum level.

Our digital marketing services envelope full assistance in managing all types of paid ad campaigns.

We have the tools and expertise to target specific audiences, demographics, interests, etc. This ensures that your search, display, and video ads reach the right audience at the right time.

We use advanced analytical tools to track and measure the ad campaigns performance completely. Our team does it accurately through details reports and insights. Thus, assured results are guaranteed!

We create ad campaigns specific to your needs. It ensures that your business gets the most out of your paid ad campaigns.


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Google Ads partner

We are official Google partners. This qualifies us as a leading Google AdWords company in Bangalore in managing Google AdWords campaigns. As a Google Partner, we can get access to the new features within the Google Ads platform. We can offer innovative & tactical solutions to your business.

Bud, as one of the best digital marketing companies based in Bangalore, has access to specialized tools and resources that can help us stay ahead of the other agencies. We provide your business the best PPC advertising services to generate the best leads and sales results.

Best Performance, Every Single Penny

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Display Ads

1,313 - Link clicks
1,05,519 - Link clicks
2,93,378 - Link clicks

Search Ads

7,110 - Link clicks
48,000 - Link clicks
7,110 - Link clicks


Defining objective

You cannot achieve a goal without deeply understanding what you want. Using Google AdWords, Bud can improve the business’s website traffic, brand awareness, sales, etc. If you are not sure about what to choose, as a prominent Google AdWords company in Bangalore, Bud understands your brand needs and can lead you to the right objective to go to the higher level. By understanding the needs of your brand, our exceptional digital team can bring out the best results for your business.

Market research

We do in-depth market research to bring out the best for you. By executing market research, Bud gets to know your competitors; performance and starts the digital game accordingly. One key aspect of market research is gathering the potential keywords that align with your business objectives. As a robust Google Ads company in Bangalore, we ace keyword research.

Choosing campaign type

Google AdWords works in two ways: initiating search campaigns and launching display campaigns. Search campaigns ensure that your ads appear in Google's SERPs when people look up related keywords. Thus, it makes your brand more visible to those actively seeking similar products/services. On the other hand, display campaigns allow you to showcase image-based ads on relevant external websites. This broadens your reach and engagement.

Budget setting

You can choose how much you want to spend for your ad campaign per day or overall. Google AdWords offers various bidding options to control how much you want to pay for every click.

Choosing targets

Based on the objective, the ad campaign can be created for your business based on the people's interests, occupations, locations, age groups, gender, and so on. By utilizing these data, Bud ensures your business reaches the right people, focusing on ROI.

Create compelling ads

Crafting an engaged and compelling ad is as important as keyword research. With a bunch of dedicated teams, as the best Google Ads company in Bangalore, Bud’s highly talented creative team will work on making compelling ads. From writing strong copies that attract potential customers to designing the creative that makes them want to dive in, we’ve got it all.

Monitor & optimize

We not only create Google Ad campaigns but also track the ad campaign performance with the help of our digital marketing team, and we’ll work on the improvements if needed.

Google AdWords vs Other Social Media Ads

Google AdWords and social media marketing platforms offer different purposes and target audiences. The effectiveness of Google AdWords or Social Media Ads depends on your business’s objectives, TG and a lot more factors.

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Ad Customization

Google Ads allows us to create highly customized ad campaigns based on your goals and requirements. Ad extensions, site links, and other features help make your ads campaign more informative and engaging.

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Intent-Based Advertising

Unlike other social media, Google Ads primarily relies on search intent. When potential users search for specific keywords in the search bar, they often have a clear interest in a product or service. This makes it a significant tool for capturing potential customers. This is not that effectively possible on the other social platforms.

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Wide Reach

Unlike the other social media platforms, Google is the most widely used search engine globally. Google AdWords provides us access to a vast audience. It allows your business to reach users not only on the search engine results page. But also across the Google Display Network and partner websites.

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Diverse Ad Formats

Search ads, display ads, and video ads are the various formats of Google Ads. By considering the goals and requirements of your business, as a leading Google Ads company in Bangalore, we will choose the best format to bring out the best for your business.

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Advanced Tracking & Analytics

Google Ads provides us with robust tracking and analytics tools. This helps us measure the performance of your Google Ads campaigns accurately. This in turn leads to accurate conversion tracking, attribution modeling, and detailed reporting contributing to better optimization for your business.

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Shopping Ads for E-commerce

Google Shopping Ads enables e-commerce businesses to display products directly within Google’s search results. These ads provide a visual representation of the product along with the pricing information. This is a highly recommended strategy to increase leads and sales effectively.

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AdWords Facts

Ads ranking in the top 3 paid advertising positions capture 46% of the total clicks.

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AdWords Facts

Around 68% of marketers consider PPC important in their overall marketing strategy

AdWords Facts

50% of users landing on a retailer’s site through paid ads are more likely to purchase than those who found a site through an organic link

AdWords Facts

49% of internet users click on text ads, thus the most popular type of Google Ad campaigns

AdWords Facts

89% of the traffic generated by search ads remains unmatched by organic clicks even when these ads are paused

AdWords Facts

74% of companies say that PPC plays a key role in the success of their business

AdWords Facts

Google controls 71% of today’s search engine market

AdWords Facts

Google Display Network Ads can reach 90% of internet users

AdWords Facts

Google Ads convert 50% more when compared to organic search results

AdWords Facts

Around 58% of today’s millennials end up purchasing some stuff online through PPC


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to see results from Google AdWords service?
It can vary depending on several factors which include competition in the industry and the specific marketing goals of your ad campaign. Being a top Google Ads company in Bangalore, our clients can see the results within a shorter time of launching the ad campaign. However, Google Ads campaigns take their own time to give the best results. Because, Google ads take time to understand our target settings, gather data, analyze performance, and optimize the ads accordingly.
What is a Google AdWords company?
Google AdWords companies in Bangalore provide several benefits to marketing and advertising agencies in managing multiple clients' accounts. We provide a centralized platform for different clients to manage various ad campaigns effectively. It also makes it easier for us to track the ad performance and make better decisions about the advertising strategy.
What other services does Bud provide?
As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, we also provide other digital solutions for business development. We offer Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Creative Services, PPC Advertisement, Influencer Marketing, Brand Management, and Website Development.
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