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The right email marketing campaign can considerably enhance user engagement and fulfil your business objectives. They achieve beautiful results when tactfully integrated in your digital and advertising campaigns. After all, they are one of the quickest ways to spread your business objectives and deliver targeted messages with an audience you have already engaged with.

Get the right message to the right person for the right results.

At Bud, we tap into tech-charged minds along with creative strategists to stand as a wise, fresh & innovative digital marketing agency in Bangalore. Email & content marketing is one of the many digital marketing tools we advocate, and recommend as a part of a holistic campaign. We understand the importance of what to say and also how to say it! Bud provides one of the best digital marketing services in Bangalore, integrating social media marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising, and content & email marketing - along with 360-degree branding services and advertising campaigns that give your brand wings in the online as well as offline world.

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The advantages of Email Marketing are as follows:


Email campaigns might seem hit or miss but they are a great way to engage with your audience especially when there are special propositions or offers.

They also have a great RoI given the minimal costs of reaching out to customers contrasted with the returns on engagement.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles


How else can you reach thousands of people across the world? Email marketing is a great tool to get your word out far & wide.

From specific messages for your targeted audience to attractive propositions for a wider customer base, you can really open up your communication outreach with a few clicks.


Email marketing allows you to see where you can improve. With advanced technology and keen expertise in place, you can monitor the effectiveness of your efforts - from opening rates to click-through and conversion rates. This not only gives you a firm control on your budgets but also allows you to improve your emailers almost instantaneously.

Los Angeles

Knock knock?

“Who’s there?”


“Email who?”

Emai..l I interest you in a proposition you cannot ignore?

On the surface, email marketing seems to be an easy task - crafting an attractive mailer and sending them out to as many contacts as possible. But when there are a variety of companies across a variety of industries doing the same, content becomes critical. People want to read and engage, but only when it is presented in a way that invites them to do so. Content represents all forms of media including graphics and verbal communication. It needs to be relevant, fresh, and consistent, to do so, market research is necessary. It is important to understand fundamental questions like what fits? And where?

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