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In today’s B2B landscape, it is vital to devise strategic approaches that are focused on a select group of those target accounts that deliver higher value comparatively. In this way, your brand can build stronger customer relationships that get translated into profitable earnings & ROI. To do this, your marketing approach and marketing strategies, and thereby your marketing campaigns/marketing programs, need to be highly curated to this group of targeted specific accounts. That’s the essence of a sound (ABM) account- based marketing company in India like Bud! We craft marketing messages that resonate with the unique characteristics and needs of each target account.

Profound Benefits of Bud’s Account-Based Marketing in India

At Bud, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is not just about generating qualified leads. It is a transformational marketing strategy that demands a curated comprehensive marketing program. We are well abreast of the importance of nurturing existing customer relationships for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This marketing approach is instrumental in maximizing value from your key specific accounts aka major target accounts. Moreover, the benefits of account-based marketing are innumerable.

Bud has been in the field for more than a decade as a top player in the regime of (ABM) Account-Based Marketing in India.
So, our ABM strategy concentrates resources on a set of carefully chosen target accounts within a market. We use personalized marketing campaigns designed to engage with every specific account, to the fullest.

Bud is undoubtedly a forerunning player in account-based marketing in India. We are well abreast of the plethora of benefits of account-based marketing. We assure you an array of benefits that can be reaped in the long run. A few of the key benefits of account-based marketing include the following:

Bud being an expert account-based marketing agency in India craves consistency. Consistency across all brand communication channels. We aim to create a unified customer experience no matter what. Our curated ABM strategies result in enhanced trust among your customers. This eventually results in more qualified leads and revenue growth in the long run which is one of the ultimate benefits of account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing in India is booming because the benefits of account-based marketing are numerous. Bud being a good contestant in the arena of account-based marketing in India makes sure to target those key accounts to deliver higher revenue growth. We focus on them through highly personalized messaging/campaigns. This way your brand is bound to see greater value in the B2B marketing segment.

Bud is aware that B2B purchases take weeks, months, or even more. Thus, your brand might need to face a long dry season. Bud’s proper account-based marketing (ABM) strategies will help you shorten the time from first contact to deal closure. We shorten the length of the cycle by nurturing the key accounts. This is undoubtedly a key benefit of account-based marketing in India.

Through Bud’s account-based marketing strategies, you will be able to focus on those target accounts that are most likely to convert into sales. In other words, you can avoid splitting your focus and concentrate on those target accounts. These specific accounts have a higher propensity to get converted. We reach them through personalized messaging, thus boosting revenue growth.

Bud’s Account-based marketing campaigns involve a holistic marketing approach. The focus of our ABM strategies is beyond lead generation. Right from strategy formulation to setting up unique ABM campaigns we begin from scratch involving all teams (like creative, strategy, sales and marketing teams). Thus your whole corporate strategy might be streamlined towards achieving the targeted ROI.

Under account-based marketing in India, marketers create personalized messaging for target accounts. Bud takes immense care to shortlist your target accounts. We tailor the creative assets of the ABM campaign to the customers’ specific attributes and needs. We curate our marketing programs to the specific account. This is where content marketing plays a role by generating highly personalized messages.

Account-based marketing, a transformational strategy at Bud

To put Account-based marketing (ABM) in simple words, 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the key accounts. Bud’s ABM strategies align your teams and resources to engage with such key, high-value target accounts. We build strong relationships and nurture them toward conversion. Unlike the other account-based marketing companies in India, Bud also ensures that all components of your ABM program, including your sales and marketing teams, work in harmony. We provide a rich, seamless experience to your key target audience from the very first interaction. Bud’s account-based marketing campaign in B2B marketing involves the following curated steps:

Realizing Values, Revitalising Relationships

Many times, the decision-makers hesitate to go ahead with ABM strategies owing to a few reasons. These include long-term oriented marketing approach, highly personalized messaging, deep content marketing, and marketing automation. Hence Bud makes sure to take utmost care in delivering results. Being a professional player in account-based marketing in India we leverage the correct communication channels to achieve results. We make sure that the sales and marketing teams coordinate to measure the performance of existing channels and identify those best suited for ABM marketing campaigns. Some of the key channels that Bud uses to run such strategic marketing campaigns are as follows:

Events/partnerships/ sponsorships


Direct mail

Email campaigns

Social media platforms & paid ad campaigns

Web personalization


Under in-person events, Bud’s account-based marketing strategy includes personalized invitations to key accounts, organizing special VIP dinners, personalized gifts, and swag for target accounts, and personalized follow-up after the event.


Bud customizes webinars to keep them relevant and timely for the targeted specific accounts. We also tailor webinar events and follow-ups for such key accounts. Our content marketing team curates unique webinar content keeping in mind the needs of the target audience of the account-based marketing campaign.

Direct mail:

Since an ABM strategy is more targeted, Bud sends gifts and marketing communications via direct mail as well. However, we ensure its effectiveness by tracking the response and by time-to-time follow-ups to make sure that there is optimum utilization of resources. Our ABM strategies couple precision with personalization unlocking the revenue potential of this high-value channel.

Email campaigns:

Whereas a volume-based marketing approach might use templates and marketing automation, under account-based marketing Bud crafts tailored email messages for each target account. We make sure that they resonate with the needs of the target audience. We track analytics like open rates, click rates, response rates, and the like to make sure that marketing campaigns generate qualified leads.

Social media platforms & paid ad campaigns:

PPC and paid social media ads are common ways by which Bud reaches out to target accounts online. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook help you target specific key accounts/companies/personas. Bud leverages such social media tools to the fullest. Because these platforms use technologies such as IP targeting and retargeting. For instance, we make sure that your display campaigns are tailored to focus on a handful of target accounts rather than casting a wide net, saving budgets.

Web personalization:

Product/brand websites or product landing pages targeting specific key accounts are another important channel for successful account-based marketing in India. Additionally, Bud’s ABM strategies on the web don't end with driving traffic through personalized SEM and inbound marketing campaigns. Once visitors reach the website, we make sure to deliver a unique, account-specific experience for the target audience.

Account-Based Marketing VS Lead Generation At Bud

Unlike other account-based marketing companies in India, Bud’s ABM strategy is not restricted to good lead generation alone. At Bud, qualified lead generation is just a component of our account-based marketing campaigns.

As mentioned earlier, Bud’s ABM strategies shift the focus towards generating qualified leads leveraging a few specific target accounts. Our goal is to expand your brand’s footprint beginning with these targeted accounts.

In simple words, lead generation is a short-term approach while Bud’s ABM is a long-term, holistic & strategic marketing approach. The former aims at more ROI while we aim to deliver assured revenue growth that increases your brand’s bottom line in the long run. Our account-based marketing campaigns outperform other marketing strategies improving customer lifetime values of your target accounts.

It’s one thing to create a sound ABM strategy, but it’s an arduous task to execute the same when it comes to B2B marketing. That’s exactly why Bud being a forerunner in the field of account-based marketing leverages marketing automation through good contemporary ABM-friendly tools. There are several powerful marketing automation platforms and CRM tools that we use to manage marketing campaigns of any scale. We make sure that we personalize and automate experiences across channels. Unlike other account-based marketing agencies in India, we use artificial intelligence to effect ABM strategy implementation and we also bring your sales and marketing teams together. We provide contemporary ABM services as individual solutions, unlike other players in account-based marketing frontiers where they offer everything under one platform.

Why wait? Ping us now, for an impactful ABM strategy tomorrow. It all begins with a message!


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