• With the right strategy and plan, Social Media Marketing helps improving Brand Awareness.
  • Social Media Marketing helps you engage with your Target Audience without additional expenses.
  • A strong Social Media presence makes it easy for consumers to find and connect with you.


Social media marketing agency works

Knowing your current SM presence

Track, Analyse, Optimize

Social Media management

Content Creation

Identify key success metrics

Choose platform

Understanding our customer base


Before building a new social media strategy for any business its important
to know where we stand currently.

This involves understanding-

Social media maeketing presence

Which social media platforms are we currently present?

Are the digital assets on these platforms optimized? (Cover pictures/profile pictures/Bio/ Image resolution etc)

Which platforms are adding maximum value?

Where so we stand in the market (competitor analysis)

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Who is our Target Audience?

This involves understanding-
  • Geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral aspects of the TG market segment.
  • Which platforms do they use the most?
  • What are their interests?
  • Eventually understanding how our business can add value/solve their problems


This is done once our TG market is clearly identified.

Choosing the appropriate Social Media platforms according to your TG market base.

Create Digital assets for your SM platforms

Audit existing Digital assets such as Cover picture/profile picture/bio etc of the current Social Medias.

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This involves understanding key success metrics for our Business.

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    How can these be achieved using Social Media?

    Some of the Key Metric that can be set to achieve desired results are-

  • •  Brand Awareness (Reach)
  • •  Engagement
  • •  More Leads
  • •  More website traffic
  • •  More shares/mentions
  • •  App downloads


Communication plays a key role in every business. Success of our social media platforms depend on how well are we able to engage with our viewers on a personal level.

This involves Creation of a content calendar/Social Media strategy calendar that we shall follow for all our communications on Social Media

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Communication plays a key role in every business. Success of our social media platforms depend on how well are we able to engage with our viewers on a personal level.

All the posts in the Social Media Management tool are aligned with the content calendar.

Appropriate hashtags are used to enhance the reach - hashtags used are generic, industry specific & post specific

Postings are done between 11am- 12pm & 5pm-6pm of the day due to high traffic on social media during these hours.


How well did the posts perform?

Tracking our results, analysing them & making tweaks in our content calendar is important in order to achieve success when it comes to social media.

Optimizing your ads spent on SM platforms as per the results is also important to achieve maximum results.

All this data will be presented to you by the end of each month in order to evaluate the overall performance.

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To take your Social Media Strategy to the next level, you can talk to one of our strategists by calling 98868 33138 or write to us at today.

Whether you are a startup, or a manufacturer or a service provider, whether you are a B2B or a B2C – you need Social Media Marketing company in Bangalore. Social media platforms like facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. have millions of users which form a big prospective client base to market your services.

Bud India is a social media marketing company in Bangalore that understands the significance and the process of reaching out to this large potential clientele online with social media activation.

So, come to us for using social media as a branding and lead generation tool for your business.

BUD India is one of the leading ad agency in Bangalore and best SEO company in Bangalore. Check out our services and works in the field of branding including poster design company.

As a well-established Social Media Marketing agency in Bangalore, Bud has provided its creative Social Media Solutions to multiple businesses in Bangalore and around the nation. We being the leding social media marketing company in Bangalore, have helped our clients with our top to bottom, end to beginning, in and out creative and strategic ideas to establish the business’s presence and increase their reach on Social Media. A team full of creative brains and social media savvy, we at Bud understand your needs and give the best Social Media Marketing Services in Bangalore. “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” –Jay Baer
Good content attracts crowd, and a great strategy builds a community. That’s what we do! Among millions of Social Media users, we help you identify and reach your Target Audience.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing for your business?

Social Media Marketing has now become an important and established tool to market your business online. With the help of social media marketing company in Bangalore, businesses can now build a brand image, engage with potential and existing consumers, and create communities to discuss and converse about their business.
In a modern period where the world is at your fingertips, no matter what industry you belong to- you need Social Media Marketing. Popular Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc are flooded with ideas, opinions, products and brands. In a technologically advanced and tremendously creative world, it is time for you to make your name in that clutter.

How do you use Social Media Marketing?

Through Social Media Marketing, Businesses now have the scope to reach, interact and engage with their potential customers. With a plethora of information available on Social Media, your Target Audience is aware of most business and services around them. What we need to do is to make them aware of your presence and create an identity in the market and amongst your Target Audience. While doing so, you need content that is relevant, informative, entertaining, creative, attractive and lastly but most importantly engaging. But in an era of creative communication, along with creativity and engaging messages, you need a well-built and thoroughly thought strategy.

Social Media Marketing at BUD Bangalore:

Whether you are a start-up, a manufacturer or a service provider we, being the best social media marketing company in Bangalore, have solutions that suit your requirements. As a creative Social Media Marketing agency in Bangalore, we work around a range of clients, right from B2B to B2C. Over the years, to provide one of the best social media marketing services in Bangalore, we have strategized and built efficient campaigns and proffered ideas that have helped our clients be recognized in the industry. As a creative Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore, Bud helps you select the right Social Media Channels for your business, build your Social Media profiles, and maintain them through creative strategy. After building your profile, bud strategizes and creates content that is valuable for existing consumers and attractive and informative for potential customers. Along with social media content, Bud also helps you promote your brand and create an identity.

Social Media Marketing Services at Bud:

‘Reach’ and ‘Leads’ are our favourite words!
Bud is the kind of Creative Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore that not only believes in completing a task successfully but also continuing it. While offering our social media marketing services in Bangalore, we want to achieve more for our clients. We, being the leading social media marketing company in Bangalore, believe in Return on Investment and work harder towards achieving greater reach and leads for our clients. A perfect combination of planning and creativity is required to keep putting interactive content that interests the Target Audience. Our integrated planning includes:
◐ Understanding the business and their requirements
◐ Creating a Social Media strategy
◐ Building Social Media profiles for the business
◐ Creating engaging and relevant content for Social Media
◐ Social Media content distribution through strategized methods
◐ Managing the Social Media community
◐ Social Media Advertising
◐ Social Media Management

Does one type of marketing strategy suffice all your needs?

With multiple options available on the internet, consumers collect information from multiple sources. As a social media marketing company in Bangalore, it is our responsibility to cover every source and provide our potential consumer with what they ask for. A strong presence on the browser with a staunch website helps increasing visibility of the company and awareness about the product. But in the 21st century, providing data is not enough, the modern era is about building a relationship with your consumers. Social Media Marketing services help you build a community that trusts your business and product. A community where you not only benefit your consumers with your service but facilitate them with an easy mode to give feedback. Interacting and engaging with your Target Audience through all the social media channels helps in building trust.

Which Social Media Channels to use for your Brand?

A very common mistake that most brands and businesses make is to be present on every Social Media platform. As much as Social Media and Social Media Marketing are essential for your business, it is also crucial to choose the right platform that suits your requirements. Bud being the social media marketing company in Bangalore, ensure the same is followed. Following are the points you should consider while making a choice; Who is your Target Audience? Understanding your Target Audience, their Social Media habits, and what do they engage most with is an important step while strategizing your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Where would you find your Target Audience? If you Target uses more of Facebook and is unintroduced to Twitter, then your presence over Twitter will hardly do any good to your business. What kind of business are you into? If you are into Food or Fashion Industry, it makes more sense to choose visually-driven platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, than a channel like Twitter. Bud being one of the well-known Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore, holds experience in working with all major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Will Social Media Marketing work for your business?

Whether Social Media will work for your business or not depends on how your social media marketing company uses it. A well- built strategy, efforts to deliver content, and constantly engaging with your consumers will help humanize your brand. Today, Gen C wants to have easy communication with their brands, and Social Media helps you maintain that connection with your consumers. Understand and give what your consumers expect and Social Media will do wonders for you. Still confused? Just talk to the experts at Bud, the Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore that will give you the right solutions!

Is Paid Social Media Advertising a good option?

While Social Media helps you build your presence, paid social media helps you generate leads for your business. Even though you are able to create a buzz about your business through your presence, Paid Social Media will amplify your reach among the people who would be interested in your product. Basically, Paid Advertisements help you generate leads and increase your sales. And Bud being the expert social media marketing company in Bangalore, will ensure that its clients get maximum return on investment from such paid campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes you should avoid:

A very common Social Media Marketing mistake is working without a plan. While developing a strategy, Social Media Marketer has to ensure that they include a deeper understanding of their consumer, their presence on Social Media, and their liking. Your plan should never assume that; everyone is your audience, irrelevant hashtags are useful, and not engaging with consumers will work for your business. Bud being a well-established Social Media Marketing company in Bangalore has a record of using Social Media proficiently for their clients. We Study. We Understand. We Plan. We Deliver.


Do you know what’s currently buzzing?

Almost everything gets buzzy when it comes to social media marketing. Even old strategies take up a fresh notch. But a new fad term is Influencer Marketing. To be frank, it is quite a historic term. But when we use it across several social media platforms it becomes a productive contemporary marketing strategy.

Who is an influencer?

Who - Someone who has the power to induce
What - The purchasing decisions
How - Through his or her authority, knowledge, position, relationship or expertise
Whom - Over a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages.

Unlike the traditional players, BUD's influencer marketing services revolve around those:

- who can create trends and encourage their followers to bond with your brand.
- who generate large followings of enthusiastic and engaged people paying close attention to their views.
- whose coverage can be selective and small but very strong and advocative. Depending upon your brand requirements, we eye on micro-influencers or even nano influencers as they have a tremendously powerful niche. Thus, unlike the other influencer marketing agencies in Bangalore, we don’t get stuck to the mega influencers alone.

Our lookout is not just for opinion leaders, celebrities or experts but who are also trending bloggers, viral YouTubers or loved podcasters capable of disrupting the new age of social media marketing. No wonder the no. of influencer marketing companies, has taken a rising trend.


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