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Seeing is believing. Believing leads to buying. That’s the beauty of Pay-Per-Click advertising - it enhances your visibility over & above your competitors.

As a robust digital marketing company in Bangalore, we develop tactful, tailor-made PPC advertising solutions, as a part of a holistic marketing campaign for your brand or even as an independent sales driving exercise.


Pay-Per-Click advertising is a strategy used to increase web traffic to your website by targeting relevant audiences. It is a result-oriented, auction-based system that allows businesses & brands to display their ads based on specific keywords that potential customers search for. The more the advertiser bids on relevant keywords, more their ads are seen. The advertiser only pays when the ads on search engines are clicked on, hence the name. Unlike SEO, PPC is a way of buying sure-shot visits to your website.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles


Being a creative advertising agency in India while offering one of the best PPC services in Bangalore ensures your brand spreads its wings offline as well as online. At Bud, we capitalise on our team of creative strategists, digitally-charged marketing minds, and tech experts to make the most effective use of your budgets to score your business goals.


Paid Search and PPC advertising are employed on top search platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and all other pertinent websites that provide ad spaces. These ads give you great visibility and enable customers to come to you based on their searches. Strategic PPC campaigns can also effectively put you above your competitors. As your creative partner and online marketing agency, we help you plan holistic digital campaigns based on not just your wants but also your needs and business objectives.

Amongst our personalised marketing services, we curate search engine ads, also known as SEM (search engine marketing), which enable you to present your ads on the search results page. Display ads are the form of ads that encourage users to visit the main website to complete an action, say, to complete watching a video to get more information.

“ Reaching the top is easy. Staying there is the challenge. ”

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