One of the best ways of losing your money online is by creating improper Advertisements on search engines and social media. While Social media marketing can be a boon for many, an unoptimized advertisement can lower your returns on investment to a great extent.

Whether you are a business/brand or a Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore, you need to know and understand how to create a well-optimized advertisement that will fetch you higher returns. A single segment of an advertisement, if done perfectly, will not fetch you the engagement and leads you are looking for.


When building an advertisement on Facebook, all sections are equally important- whether it be defining your objectives and goals, setting up your Target Audience, writing content and design creatives or responding to all consumer inquiries after the ad is online.

As a 10-year-old reputed and trusted PPC company in Bangalore, we bring to you some of the best tricks and tips to optimize your Facebook ads.

1. Use A Variety Of Ads To Tell Your Story:

Social media is all about stories (Instagram Story and Storytelling). When using Social media, your brand should be able to tell stories and communicate with its audience in a way that is convincing and effective.

When it is about Facebook Ads, Facebook allows you to make a variety of ads- static ads, carousel ads, video ads. While building these ads use a variety of sections to tell your brand’s story. Carousel Ads and Video ads that are informative can keep the audience engaged for longer.

So, when planning your next campaign ensure you make the best use of these ads.

2. Understanding business objectives and setting Target Audience:

When selecting your Target Audience, it is important to understand your business objective and goals and accordingly select. There are multiple targeting options available on Facebook when creating Advertisements.

Whether you choose a Custom audience or a lookalike audience it solely depends on your business objective. Choosing the right audience and putting the right Interests and demographics is a crucial stage while setting up your advertisement. A detailed buyer persona will surely help you to optimize Facebook ads.

3. Sales Above Anything Else:

Don’t judge a Facebook Advertisements’ performance based on the impressions or likes you are getting on your ads. If your Advertisement goal is to achieve sales or increasing sales, these impressions are hardly of any help for you.

When the objective is to generate leads, your KPI shouldn’t be the reach or likes on your advertisement. If your objective is to increase sales optimize Facebook ads by giving offers or discount codes in your Ad that would want people to shop, hence increasing sales.

4. Retargeting Is Your Lead Generator:

As a well-known Social Media Marketing agency in Bangalore, we have handled multiple clients and their social media marketing requirements. While doing so we often suggest our clients to go for retargeting ads. But, why?

Retargeting Ads are targeted towards the consumers who have either interacted with your website, social media, or any other asset. These consumers can either be your existing consumers or people who have shown interest in your brand/product.

When you already know that a particular consumer is interested in your product then why not leverage that? Constantly pushing ads towards this specific set of audiences does help to generate leads and sales to a great extent.

5. Mobile Isn’t The Future, It’s Present:

The increasing use of smartphones and the convenience that it offers makes people use them all the time. Your Facebook ads aren’t always served on a desktop or laptop, in fact, most of the users could be watching your ads on mobile.

This makes it crucial for you to make your ads mobile-friendly. Switch to content that is vertical and fits on a mobile screen perfectly. If you are creating landing pages then ensure they can be easily viewed on Mobile.

Apart from Facebook ads, businesses can explore Google ads for paid advertising. Our blog on whether to go for Google ads or Facebook ads is a must guide for new businesses.

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