How to choose the right company for your lead generation

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29 Apr

So you have decided to outsource your digital marketing to an external company that does B2B lead generation through digital marketing. That was the easy part, now you need to curate through a whole lot of companies that provide outsourced marketing services and find the one that fits you best. We are here to help you figure out what are things you need to look out for while making such an important decision as it can have a defining impact on your company’s success or failure. A few things that need to be considered are:

Trust – Have a look at the company’s clientele and that will give you a good idea about how capable they are. The bigger the companies they have is a strong indicator that they are reputed at what they do. This also means they probably charge significantly higher and may be slightly inflexible in their methods for better or worse.

Specialization – Some digital marketing companies are more specialized towards certain industries such as real estate, ecommerce, automobile etc.… If you find one in your domain then they are a safer bet as they will have innate knowledge about your domain. This will save time in explaining your industry to them.

Digital Marketing Domain Specialization – Before getting into outsourcing your digital marketing work to an agency, you need to determine what the method you can go with is. Both in terms of effectiveness and budgets available. The reason this helps is there are agencies who are sometimes specialists in a certain method. For example there are companies who do only LinkedIn marketing and if that is the right avenue for you and the best route then go with them. Similarly there are those who are great at SEO and SEM while others who are great at digital advertisements. Determining your method may help choose the best digital marketing specialist for you.

Flexibility – Keep an eye out for how flexible the plans provided by the agency are. If the agency is rigid about doing things a certain way then ask them for a guarantee, if not then provide room for deviation.

Content – A lot of time digital marketing companies may not include the pricing for content they require to be posted and hence leads to strife later on with each other. It is best to understand what is provided in terms of content and how much the agency expects may be required additionally in order for them to work and approximates costs for that. Some agencies get these done themselves or have tie ups with companies that can get the output delivered.

Guarantees- Although it is very difficult for an agency to gauge how the campaigns will perform without any previous data. Still try and get a rough commitment from them on KPI’s they will deliver on and timelines that they plan to adhere to. For instance 4-8 months is a good timeline for SEO to work and start reaching the first page in most cases unless you are in a highly competitive market.

These are a few points that you can keep in mind while picking a digital marketing company to outsource your work. Let us know they helped and also if you know any more tips.

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