23 Mar

The modern era is too fast and evolving every minute. And the pace at which the world of marketing is booming is multi-fold. At times, it is not only important to look back but also to take a look forward. Of course, nobody can say with 100% certainty what the future of marketing will look like, but however, some useful insights and predictions can be made. As a creative ad agency in India, we have our own vision and we predict the following trends. A few takeaways include:

Focus On People:

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, but there’s also a push back against the increased digitization and automation of interactions between brands and consumers. Today, there’s a desire to make marketing more human again. Though technologies such as AI and data-driven marketing continue to grow, the overarching focus will be on people and not technology.

It’s all about CX:

As one of the advertising and branding agencies in Bangalore, we could see a massive shift in beliefs about what marketing actually is. It’s no longer about trying to convince people to work with your company. Instead, the priority has moved towards providing fantastic CX, customer experiences that will keep your clients, coming back for more. When you focus on building a positive business culture and providing great service, pitching your client is almost taken care of. In other words, you need to consider CX in every aspect of your marketing strategy. Efficiency, convenience, knowledgeable and friendly service, and easy payment options are considered valuable. But aspects that are more traditionally considered as marketing’s domain are cited too: up-to-date technology, personalization, an easy mobile experience, brand image, and design all add up to the overall customer experience.

It’s no longer about the mind alone:

Improvements in technology such as AI combined with increased data collection and insights from social media and other sources have made it possible and easy to hyper-personalize everything from content to design to product recommendations and everything in-between. Thereby the trend is towards appealing to hearts and not just minds.

More influential Gen Z:

Generation Z consists of people who were born from 1997 to 2010. These young people have grown up in a digital world and have very different viewpoints than generations that came before them.

When compared to the millennials, Gen Z is more influential and form a more diverse audience. This can make content marketing, challenging, but it also opens up more opportunities to reach different segments through personalization.

Employee activation:

Your employees are the human face of your brand, so concentrating on interactions between your employees and your clients should be given importance. The key to this is building a solid foundation of employee engagement and taking steps to ensure that every employee understands and is aligned with your brand mission and values.Top creative agencies in Bangalore, are hence focusing on the concept of employee activation.

Content marketing will retain its strength:

 It goes without saying that content marketing will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape for some time to come. Most of these trends rely on content in some way. To have success in them you’ll need to have a solid base of quality content across all your marketing channels.

Thus, as a digital marketing company in Bangalore, we feel that the future of marketing and business will be more diverse, inclusive, and connected to real customer needs.

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