Top 7 Advantages of Having a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

whats app marketing
14 Dec

WhatsApp is one of the largest social platforms that has billions of active users. This is why WhatsApp Bulk SMS services is the platform of choice for most digital marketing services in Bangalore. In this post we help you understand why you should use the world’s most popular chat app as one of your most trusted marketing strategies.

The advantages of Whatsapp Promotional Messages is innumerable. Not only will WhatsApp allow you to stay in touch with your customers at all times – it will also ensure your open rate for offers and text messages are way higher than any other medium. This is solely because WhatsApp is probably one of those few apps today which is regularly checked and has a high open rate (close to 98%).



A recent survey has established that 53% of the people would be ready to buy products/engage services from companies they can reach via chat. While Facebook messenger ruled the roost for years, WhatsApp is now the flavor of the season. Not only does it allow instant communication, it also helps establish trust – something every company needs today to build their business.

Below are the top advantages of using WhatsApp as a marketing tool for your business.

WhatsApp will allow you to communicate and answer queries quickly:

WhatsApp allows its users to send messages in the best and most comprehensive way. Businesses can contact their users directly through their WhatsApp business profiles – a feature that helps set them apart from regular messaging contacts. 

Instant replies function on WhatsApp Business also enables businesses to store and reuse useful and frequently sent messages to speed up the customer service process.

This instant-reply option is so useful for businesses who deal with time-bound projects and need to respond to their customers on time. An example can be a tours & travels company. Consider the need for reactive responses to your train booking time, tracking information of booked items, and bank transactions and how much easier it is to build a response from a template rather than from scratch every time. 


Real-time customer service and support:

It’s never been more important for businesses to make themselves available and accessible for customers than now! WhatsApp Business messaging ticks all the boxes. It offers ubiquitous messaging that’s quick, efficient, and reliable on a platform used by many. 

With WhatsApp, alerts and updates can be received in real-time. Most importantly, any urgent questions that need answering can be answered in a timely and direct fashion, with no middleman slowing down the process. 

One of the most effective channels:

WhatsApp allows businesses to analyse and collect relevant information which they can use in different ways to communicate with their targeted audience.

With this platform, you as a business owner can ask the people questions that is pertinent to your business, sell products & services directly and respond to individual queries actively.

This will increase the user’s engagement by letting them know that the business they are communicating with is not constrained by one channel of conversation and that the consumer’s time is valued.

Secure platform:

The users do not have to worry about data security; this is a secure platform. WhatsApp is a secure and trusted application/ platform that encrypts messages and doesn’t share information with third parties. Moreover, unlike other applications, this is not laden with advertising, meaning customers see it as a safe and private place to communicate on. 

This application verifies each account that gets registered on this platform. Which assures the targeted audience that they are in contact with a verified company on WhatsApp. 


Reach a wider audience: 

Using group chats, you can communicate with multiple possible customers in one-go. Group chats can also encourage discussions between the members, which can be beneficial for certain businesses.

Lower cost of marketing

WhatsApp is one of the most affordable marketing channels out there now. Hence, this is a perfect platform for startups and small businesses. There is no cost involved and the reach is much higher than a lot of other marketing platforms. WhatsApp marketing offers higher conversion rates, helps maintain a close and personal relationship with the customer, and practically costs nothing.

Know your customers’ habits

WhatsApp has so many advantages and benefits like messaging statistics feature on WhatsApp Business – this makes it possible to gain valuable insights and measure success level in a whole new way. Companies can monitor the hours customers are most active online and increase or decrease resources as per their needs.

In conclusion:

Using the best practices and strategies for marketing your business is extremely important to get your business to grow. WhatsApp marketing is a novel way for you to reinforce your brand and build a loyal customer base.

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