Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which One You Should Be Using?

facebook ads vs google ads
05 Feb

Digital Marketing company in Bangalore like us has made it easier for marketers and businesses to reach their Target audience. However, it is important to strategize and plan before you start using any Digital medium to promote your business.

Promotions can either be Organic (depending on content to increase your customer base) or Inorganic/Paid (using paid mediums to reach target audiences).

Paid advertisements play a major role in enhancing your growth in the market and reach your Target audience. Businesses are leveraging the strength of Paid advertisements whether being Google ads or Facebook ads. No matter which ads you use, both Google ads and Facebook ads help you increase reach, find new customers, connect with them, and generate leads.


Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: Introduction

There are multiple ways you can promote business, but what is most important is how you do it, your strategy, and execution. Undeniably paid ads including Google ads or Facebook ads are a great medium, but it is important to understand which medium suits your business and advertising goals, and which ads will help you gain maximum benefits.

In the debate of Google ads vs Facebook ads, your advertising objective, target group, which stage of buyer’s journey are you targeting, are the key determining factors.

In this blog, we will explore the two advertisement platforms, their differences, their benefits, and gain more understanding to be able to choose between Facebook ads vs Google ads. Even though both are great lead generators for your business and many brands often choose a combination of both, you may choose one based on your need.

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads – What’s The Difference

First and foremost, what’s the difference between Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads?

Both are advertising platforms and function on a pay-per-click basis. A social media marketing agency in Bangalore creates an ad and enters an auction where you bid to pay for ad space. The advertiser is charged every time someone clicks on their ads. Google Ads are basically paid search- where you pay to get your product/brand listed above others on the Search Engine Result Page.

Through Google Ads, your ad is placed on a user’s feed based on Target keywords, location, and other factors that you set while setting up the ad campaign. Google Ads are not limited to paid search ads, there are multiple options on Google through which you can reach your Target. These ads include Google Search ads, YouTube Ads, Google Play, Google Display Network, Google Shopping.


Facebook Ads, unlike Google Ads, are featured on a consumer’s Social Media. With the many changes happening in facebook’s algorithm, businesses have to rely on paid mediums to reach their audience. Just like Google, Facebook offers multiple options to advertise your product and gain your consumer’s attention.

Facebook Ads include Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Video Feeds, Facebook messenger, Instagram Feed, Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: How-To Decide

When deciding between Facebook ads Vs Google Ads, a PPC agency in Bangalore understands the type of product/service you are selling. Is it more search-oriented or social? While both platforms have a great reach, choosing a platform solely depends on your product/service.

Always keep your budget in mind, Google ads can be highly specific but a little more expensive than Facebook ads. Hence, study your goals, keep in mind the ROI and then make a decision. Understand which stage of the buyer journey you are targeting.

A person looking for a Car Service Station is less likely to remember a social media ad, instead, it makes more sense to be on the top of their search results.

Even though both Google Ads and Facebook ads seem like great platforms to advertise, they won’t deliver if you do not understand your product, your objectives, and your audience. In the choice between Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, your business and goals will always remain the deciding factor. Bud is one of the best ad agency which provides all the digital marketing and advertising solutions.

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