What’s Social Media Engagement & How To Perform It?

social media engagement what and how
29 Sep

With Covid-19 having conquered the world and showing its ill effects on the markets, most businesses are struggling to establish and survive. While trying to fight this pandemic crisis, businesses have now shifted their focus towards the use of Social Media to create a buzz about their Brand.

But is there an actual benefit of using Social Media Marketing? Yes, definitely. While Social Media helps to reach your audience, it also helps to humanize your brand and build a relationship with consumers. Although Social Media provides you with a platform to popularize your brand, in the end, it all depends on how you make use of this medium to bring a difference.


Bud, a well-known Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore believes in investing time and engaging with the audience to make an impact.

What is Social Media Engagement?

The kind of engagement that most marketers at Social Media Marketing Agencies in Bangalore look forward to. In a nutshell, Social Media Engagement is the product of what you create for your audience and how you interact with your audience. In simple terms;


As an established Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore, we have constantly made an effort to engage with our consumers and get the desired result. Here’s how;

1.Understand the Consumer and Create Content for the Consumer:

When creating content we create it for the consumers of the Brand and not for the Brand. At Bud, we ensure that the content is about the brand but interesting for the target group.

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2.Interact and Build a Relationship with your Consumer:

What audiences love the most about Social Media, is the opportunity it gives to communicate directly with the brand or business. Holding interesting conversations, and building a relationship with your consumers to trust you.

We at Bud, the best creative ad agency in Bangalore have made it a habit to always keep our pages interesting.

3.Quick and Interesting Responses:

Who doesn’t like attention? Especially when it is from a brand you love. Quick responses on comments and inbox help keeping the conversations going and maintaining the interest of the consumer.

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4.Creating Topical Content:

Be it Dalgona Coffee, Rasode mei Kaun that, or IPL, keeping the content fresh and relevant to current affairs helps to attract audiences. As a Creative Ad and Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore, we constantly make efforts to create trending and interesting content for the audiences.

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