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Logo Designs

The Approach

The Branding Process

To Create a strong brand positioning and helping the brand win in the market place, we at Bud follow a stringent process. It takes perseverance, creativity and sound marketing judgement, which help shaping a strong brand.

The Brand Pulse

We listen. We understand. We strategize. In this process, we first get sound understanding of your business, analyse your products and services, understand what’s different in your product (identifying the USP) and upon analysis of these data, we determine the brand positioning and strategy.

Setting the Brand Language/ Tone

In this process, we determine the brand’s visual language – the logo, the baseline, the colours, the fonts, graphics etc. Because the images that we employ could mean the difference between success and failure.

Channelizing the brand message

After finalizing the positioning and brand tone, we now focus on making sure the brand message resonates with the target audience and the message is properly delivered on chosen media channels.

Stationery Branding