Why is typography important in branding?

importance of typography in branding
28 Oct

Typography is the process of positioning texts aesthetically. It includes the arrangement of spacing, size, color, font, line length, layout and hierarchy. It plays a very important role in branding, as it can either enhance or diminish the impression of the brand.

Though brand typography might come across as a very non-threatening and easy element of a brand’s image creation, it’s actually the most tricky, complicated, and challenging aspect. In today’s scenario, almost every creative agency in India that provides branding services dedicates a good amount of time to create constructive brand typography.

Below are a few reasons why typography plays a major role in branding:

  • Forms a good impression

There is a famous saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but how many of us follow it? It is a basic human tendency to invest in something that looks appealing. The same aspect applies to typography. No matter how impressive your brand or company is, bad typography results in negative impressions.

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Whereas, good brand typography can create a remarkable impact in the minds of people. It becomes a visual impression of the brand. Every time one thinks about a brand, its typography reflects before them, forming a strong association with the brand image. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide the audience with a visually appealing text, for a better and impactful experience.

  • Provides meaning

Yes, you read it right! Typography is extremely capable of conveying meanings to the audience. The usage of fonts is one such example. Every font has its impression, and selecting the right one, which suits the brand, is the most important and complex aspect. The placement and size of the texts can also convey a strong message.

It can explain to us the importance of a particular element over the other. Usage of colors, on the other hand, can convey symbolism and lead us to certain perceptions.

  • Targets the subconscious mind

No matter how much we claim to ignore advertisements and typography, the truth is, it has managed to make its place in the back of our minds. And this subconscious impression is what helps us relate a brand with its typography.


Good brand typography might just seem like an ordinary one, by not disturbing our senses in any form, and creating a vision of acceptance. But it surely succeeds to occupy a little space in the subconscious mind.

  • Generation of sales

The success of typography reaches its maximum when there is an increase in the sales. Good typography helps in forming a good impression leading to an increase in customers. Brand typography often acts as a trailer, by helping people make decisions, whether or not to invest their money and time on a particular brand.

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