7 Local SEO Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

local seo mistakes
15 Sep

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a huge boon if used in the right way. In today’s time, when digitalization rules the world, it becomes necessary to catch up with the trend. And SEO is one such technique using which, companies and businesses can make their presence felt in the online world.

SEO not only helps to increase the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to a web page or website; it also helps in acquiring a loyal audience.

Local SEO on the other hand is the same as SEO but mainly focuses on increasing the visibility of a business in local search results. Local search can be anything that has to do with a specific locality or area.

Example – Best SEO services in Bangalore, 5-star hotels in Mumbai, Famous beaches in Goa, reputed digital marketing services in Bangalore, etc. While there can be numerous ways to improve local SEO, we must also look into some common local SEO mistakes, so that they can be fixed for its smooth functioning.

Here are a few local SEO mistakes and tips to avoid them:

1)Absence of customer reviews

When we shop for an item online, we make sure to check all its details and specifically go through the reviews that people have given about the product after using it. The customers usually rely on these reviews to make decisions. Similarly, when there are positive reviews about a business on the website, the engagement and business rankings increase. However, a lot of business owners ignore this aspect and don’t see customer reviews as a necessity.

This can be avoided by generating reviews and asking customers to review their experiences

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2)Ignoring negative customer reviews

Acknowledging negative reviews is as important as having positive reviews. Even a single bad review concerning customer’s dissatisfaction towards the business can give rise to an evident loss. Therefore, ignoring such reviews is not a smart move to make.

The loss or impact caused by those reviews can be reduced by giving them a timely response and showing concern towards their problem. Whereas, fake negative reviews can be legally removed.

3)Absence of consistent NAPW data

NAPW stands for – Name, Address, Phone Number and Website, and encompasses the most crucial information to be included in web listing. Therefore, maintaining consistency among all the listings becomes important. Uneven NAPW data is a typical local SEO blunder.

This can be avoided by regularly updating web listings or using the same NAPW data for all listings.

4)Absence of Google My Business listing

Avoiding the Google My Business listing is one of the most basic local SEO mistakes. Google My Business is a free tool that helps the business list their information for potential customers. And the absence of this can obstruct their appearance in local search.

This can be avoided by uploading accurate business details in Google My Business or claiming a list that already exists.


5)Absence of quality content

It often happens that websites post content that has no base or value. These kinds of content serve no good to anyone. We also come across a lot of grammatical errors and wrong information which eventually results in the decrease of website ranking and audience’s trust.

This issue can be avoided by carefully checking the content and editing it. Proper research about the information should also be followed.


6)Duplicating the content

Many local business owners do not put in efforts to create original content for their websites. Instead, they simply copy it from their competitors. However, search engines avoid showing similar content, and so they rank one content over the other.

This mistake can be avoided by using one’s own creative and original ideas. A test can also be taken to detect plagiarism and duplicate content.

7)Improper keyword usage

Keywords play a major role to target potential customers and identify content easily. Therefore, using the right ones become important. When it comes to local SEO it’s necessary to use localized keywords rather than general ones, which is often ignored while writing content.

This issue can be sorted by looking for specific local-based keywords and efficiently using them. For example, instead of using keywords like “Best SEO agency,” using “Best SEO agency in Bangalore” creates a better impact.

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