5 Engaging Facebook Ad Creative Tips

5 Engaging Facebook Ad Creative Tips
18 Aug

You have around half a second to grab their attention. Another second is to convey the message and direct them to a call to action. That is a considerably short window but in a world of clutter, your Facebook Ad creative needs to grab their attention and convey the right message.

Here are a few expert tips to create engaging Facebook ad creatives –

  1. Define your audience

These are the people who would be interested in what you’re offering. A digital marketing agency could create the persona of the audience and pinpoint the direction of their ads.

Various analytics and data could help to know exactly who you’re targeting, what is the call-to-action, and what angle to focus the ad on. Try to create a bond with them through your Facebook Ad creative.


  • Choose the right format

Facebook has a lot of options for advertisements; each designed for a purpose. Photo, Video, Carousel, Stories, and Playables are some of the common formats used. Consider these formats to maximize the impact of your Facebook ad creativity.

If you have a story to tell through your products, use a carousel ad. If you want to show how your product or service works, use a video.  The right format could send the message home effectively.

  • The color aesthetic

Color is an important factor for your Facebook Ad creativity. The judgment of your product or your brand depends on the psychology of color. Colors could be used to grab their attention, communicate the persona of the brand, create a mood, or even showcase a new idea. A PPC ageny in Bangalore could plan palettes and swatches just for the ad. Red could be related to a sense of urgency, blue could be used to create a calm vibe or yellow a happy and jumpy mood.

  • Use text wisely

With the attention span of a humming bird, your audience has a lot of other ads they’ve been looking at all day. It’s a proven fact today that graphic messages impact audience attention better. People can recall signs and symbols better than words. The burden doesn’t need to be on heavy graphical messages. Simple relations could create a good communication strategy.


  • Design for mobile

Around 79% of Facebook users view their ads on their smartphones. Aspect ratios of various sizes are quite particular on social media platforms. You wouldn’t want half your logo to be cropped out of the ad. Refer to some of the measurements online and see what fits your ad best.

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