How AI Can Help Businesses In Digital Marketing

how is AI changing digital marketing
02 Mar

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Technology and science are advancing, and there is an increasing need for technology in every sector of life. With the growing acceptance of Technology, humans are innovating new ways of using it every day. Artificial Intelligence is one such journey where innovative technologies are leading to intelligent living. 

Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI, is a dream of creating an advancement nearly as intelligent as humans. How AI has developed in the past, is developing in the current times, and what it will be in the future is an entirely different discussion. In this blog, we are concentrating on how AI is changing Digital Marketing.

There are multiple examples of Brands that have used Artificial Intelligence to gain success in their business. A well-known example is the multinational tech company Amazon, who with the help of AI has personalized every step of the customer journey and made online shopping a pleasant experience for their consumers.

There are multiple ways AI contributes to Digital Marketing. Let us look at how the use of AI in Digital Marketing has transformed the market and marketing.

AI in Digital Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing has made it easier to collect and analyze data. This data is further used to make quick and accurate decisions that contribute to making the customer experience hyper-personalized. Studies have shown that most consumers do not respond to the non-personalized messages of the brand.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing methods. In an era where consumers love to be heard and attended, it is important for brands to communicate in the same manner.

For the bigger companies who have implemented AI, the data collected through AI is not limited to the location, demographics, and interest, rather is an accumulation of the entire online history of the user.

The browsing history, the purchased products, the reviews and ratings dropped by the user, shows, and music the user has shown interest in, the items added to their wishlist, the apps or websites the user has visited, and even the devices they use are some of the details collected. It is further analyzed to provide suggestions that might interest the user.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is used to personalize interaction and experience and there are multiple channels to do so.  

PPC Ads Optimization

Many brands and businesses have started investing in Paid Per Click Advertisements because of the ROI achieved through it. Through PPC Ads, brands can micro-target and achieve the desired leads and sales.

It is evident that this is possible because of the use of AI in Digital Marketing. Your advertisements reach the right customers/target audience because of the data collected.

Through AI, the data is further analyzed and advertisements are successfully placed based on the audience’s demographics, psychographics, and behavioral aspects.

Email Marketing:

Studies show that a consumer is more likely to open and react to an email that is personalized and has information that would interest him. The use of AI in Digital Marketing is not limited to ads but can also be used for personalized email marketing campaigns.

AI helps businesses deliver emails that are relevant, have interesting subject lines, recommendations, and content.

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