The Role Of Creativity In Business

23 Dec

In today’s world, every field of work has a creative element. If there is a business, they look for creative ways to promote it and if there is a problem, they look for creative solutions. This makes us wonder, what counts as creative? What sets something apart from being mundane? And who can come up with these creatives?

Whats Is Creativity?

The word creative has been used to describe almost everything in the corporate world, be it a person, an idea, a process, a product, or a situation. The element of creativity dabbles on every topic. We can all agree on the fact that something creative involves novelty and originality, but the terms used to describe creativity does not stop there.

It is something that also involves the elements of shock and/or surprise. When all these four elements are wrapped up to make the final creative output, it will have a valuable outcome and will last longer in peoples’ memory.

The fact that the creative potential of products will fade through time is undeniable but the time it takes to dwindle will weigh the potential of the creative idea. At Bud, a leading creative advertising agency in Bangalore, we turn realizable ideas into significant ones that will produce definite valuable outcomes.

We identify problems and come up with creative solutions, this is where the creative process begins. According to studies, the creative problem solving and the non-creative solving functions in our brain involve a similar psychological process. The only difference is the nature of the problem being presented.

So, if a person is skilled in solving non-creative problems, they can come up with creative solutions, without a doubt!

Everyone wants to be creative and everyone can be! It can be learned, developed, and applied. We all have different ways to express our creativity and this is what makes us humans, distinctive.

Everything that we do in our mundane life to make it less repetitive and routine-like is creative, maybe not for every one per se, but definitely for the one talking about the changes. 

Role Of Creativity in Business

Similarly, in business, it is essential to have a creative element to set you apart from the other businesses in the same category. Being competent might win you the race but be more creative and competent will make you last longer in the market.


The information has become a commodity that is easily accessible to everyone. Specialized digital advertising agencies in Bangalore, like Bud, take information that is available to everyone and come up with creative ways to deliver it to the consumers.

This focused yet personalized approach also sets us apart as a holistic digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Hence to sum it up, the creative element of your organization is the backbone of your promotional strategy. It must be unique and must fall in line with your brand image.

With the right advertising agency like logo design company, you can craft communication solutions and creatives for your brand that go hand in hand with your business goals.

Apart from creative services, Bud has been successfully providing digital marketing services as well including SEO services, PPC services & social media marketing services.

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