Influencer marketing, a game changer?

31 Jul

The soaring popularity of various social media platforms has changed the way we perceive digital marketing, With cut-throat competition and brands competing against each other for more visibility, creative advertising agencies in Bangalore are on the constant lookout for a game changer to gain credibility and new customers. With the combined active users surpassing 2 billion on Facebook and Instagram, businesses and as well as social media marketing agencies are keen to explore the option and leverage on a tool called Influencer Marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

An influencer is an individual or a social media personality who creates content and has a large number of audience as followers. Due to the vast reach of their content, they hold the status of opinion leaders. Influencer marketing is therefore a technique in digital marketing where the businesses or brands collaborate with such influencers and leverage on their influence over their followers in a hope to increase market share and brand visibility. In terms of popularity, Instagram is rapidly surpassing Facebook and Twitter. Majority of the digital marketing agencies in Bangalore would be in agreement that Instagram is one of the top platforms that endorses such a setting for influencer marketing and one of the reasons for this is the diverse range of topics such as fashion, art, music, beauty, dance, travel, lifestyle, food and so on that are created, discussed, and shared on a daily basis. When such content and opinions are shared by an “Influencer”, it changes a consumer’s perception and has an impact on their buying choice.

Over the years, the pop up and the no-skip youtube ads are the least popular among the audience as more and more ad-blocking apps are being used around the world, in such a scenario where are ads are forcibly fed to the audiences resulting in less output, Influencer marketing is a refreshing take. Instagram has a large number of young subscribers, this opens up a new horizon for all the brands with similar target audience. When a brand associates itself with an influencer, the reaction to it is almost immediate with the users interacting and sharing opinions with each other.

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This technique is gaining momentum rapidly, but prior to the digital marketing agencies monetizing on this, there has to be proper research in place as it is extremely crucial to target the right influencers for their client’s products. Another important aspect is that the brands are endorsed through an influencer’s personal platform where they are free to express their opinion and to post content of their choice, under such a setting, there may be positive as well as negative impact on the associated brands.

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