How to engage and build your brand during a Pandemic

31 Jul

Due to the unprecedented pandemic, which has devastated economies all around the world, there is no doubt that businesses are facing a highly turbulent situation and several brands in the country are looking at a bleak future with the advertising budgets being slashed or frozen and many of the new product launches being postponed. Not just markets, but even marketers face unprecedented challenges – making creative advertising agencies in Bangalore pull their socks up.

The brands are now at a stage, where their future is being planned and assessed to withstand the current circumstances that have never been dealt with before. Many of the creative ad agencies in Bangalore are working towards new strategies and racing against time. It’s indeed not easy to overlook the negativity the pandemic has brought, but looking at the bright side, we need to keep in mind that post COVID, consumers will get back to buying and it’s crucial that the brand maintains its visibility in the market so that the business goes their way and one way of achieving is the right usage of social media in brand building .

The role of Social Media – now more than ever

As a social media advertising agency in Bangalore, we are constantly advising our clients to tweak their social media strategy and to stay in tune with the changing perception of the consumers. Statistics reveal that the social media engagement during the pandemic has increased exponentially; therefore, to stay amidst the consumer’s radar, the brands need to have an extensive approach with the following factors in mind:

● To inform and be informed: With change being the new normal, Social Media platforms can be utilized to inform the customers about the safety precautions and initiatives taken by the brand which is in line with the current hygiene standards, along with the information about the status of the stores, the availability of the products online and so on.
● Consistency: During these trying times, by maintaining an active and consistent presence online, there is a sense of trust among the customers towards the brand
● Being compassionate: Showing constant support to brave frontlines, advocating causes and funding CSR initiatives also creates a positive impact on the brand ● An interactive platform: Engaging the customers through online discussions and also to assist with their queries results in an efficient customer service experience.

We have to acknowledge that the consumers are highly emotional about the present scenario. There is a huge responsibility on the brands to act in a sensitive, relevant and in a supportive manner to ensure a positive impact, digital marketing agencies in Bangalore & SEO services company in Bangalore should focus on strategies that are designed keeping these factors in mind.

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is a powerful tool that can recreate a brand’s image if it’s utilized to its maximum potential and shortly when the market is up and running the brands with strong and consistent social media presence are sure to experience customer retention and loyalty.

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