How to overcome a creative block

20 May

The simplest way to explain what creativity is that it is thinking out of the box. The box here is your imitation of things that are already taught to you, the change is to think beyond it to create something unique and new. Creativity can come out in forms of expression; it could be art, writing, music, dance and many more. There are various sectors where creativity is very important. It is a powerful tool wielded by creative advertising agencies. In advertising, creativity plays a major role, used everywhere, right from branding and marketing, right down to social media posts and web design services. The top advertising agencies in India use the best of their creativity combined with the need of the client/the market. Creativity has no value unless it can be understood by the end-user while simultaneously fulfilling specific objectives.

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A lot of people use creativity to let out their supressed emotions. It’s a great way to use emotions productively. A lot of times, people working in creative fields experience something called a “’creative block”. It is something people experience when your mind is unable to access one’s internal creativity. This could go on for days, months, and sometimes even more. It could be frustrating to experience this but there are ways you can overcome your creative block.

Here are some ways to overcome a creative block:

1.Take a break:

If you plan to take a break, just do it! If you’re doing something for hours, it is a good idea to step away from it for a bit so your mind can find some balance. Psychologist Graham Wallas pointed out an interesting theory of the four stages of the creative process, which include: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification.

2.A routine:

It is a proven fact that people who develop a habit of practising their skills show the highest eve of creativity. Working in a routine would increase your overall output. Even if you’re not sure or satisfied with the ideas you have in mind, do not hesitate to write them down as ridiculous as they might seem. Allow yourself to start and start badly, it will eventually open up your creative block.

3.Take a walk:

Whenever you feel like your mind is blocked and is not able to take your idea forward, just take a walk. This will help your mind get back on track and run. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking outside or indoors, just walk. A 2014 study by Stanford University found that a person’s creative output increased by an average of 60% when walking.

4.Keep a notebook:

This method is considered to be very effective and good for your mental health. You can keep a notebook to write down things that you find which you think would help you create. You can write down ideas, inspirations, quotes, and incidents from your life and whatever you feel like you need to store. With this technique you will never run out of new ideas.

Practise is something that needs to be persistent if you want you creative side to enhance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the new and seemingly unusual.

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