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Tatasky casestudy

Our client is a joint venture between an Indian business conglomerate and a UK-based telecom and media giant. They have arguably the largest national presence which, however, is restricted to certain gated communities in the larger Indian cities. There was a need for streamlined geographical targeting as pincode level and area-based targeting were giving a lot of junk leads.

Tatasky casestudy by Bud

We had to put on our thinking caps for this one but we finally scaled our targeting down to individual buildings. Geo Fencing combined with location exclusions were used to ignore everything except the desired building. The buildings were accurately mapped using Google and Facebook built-in maps. We went on to set elaborate demographic parameters to further concentrate our targeting and enhance the quality of leads.

A well-laid out form was implemented on the landing page as well to ensure all junk leads are filtered out.

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