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Bangalore or the “Silicon Valley” of India is a hub for Startups. In the 4th edition of a new NASSCOM-Zinnov report titled “Indian Start-up Ecosystem 2018. India has placed 3rd as the largest startup industry. Leaving behind Mumbai and Delhi, according to the report, Bangalore is now one of the fastest growing tech startup hubs. A total of 1,200 tech-startups were added to the list in 2018, alone! Today, the city boasts of 7,200- 7,700 registered startups. In order to market the products of these startups, we see a number of startups making a name for them in the marketing industry.

New startups are full of fresh ideas, concepts, and energy. Working with startups provides Creative Ad Agency in Bangalore a chance to experiment and create something new and different. With startups, one can take risks and the only method that usually works is the trial and error. However, that isn’t the case with Multinationals or companies with a certain reputation.

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With a startup, one can start from scratch. In order to enter the race in this day and age, a company needs to be equipped with the right weapons to help them grow. It is because of this requirement new web development companies, Logo Design Company in Bangalore and Creative Ad Company in Bangalore has risen exponentially.

With IT companies and new age technology setting up base in the City, Bangalore has now become a cesspool of young talent. Unlike Mumbai, where approval needs to be taken from the Big Daddy’s, Bangalore plays a different game altogether. Here, work is based on the quality rather than connections and approval. Companies are at liberty to experiment and not follow the traditional method. Hence we see a great shift in the type of marketing that is done by companies.

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Online selling has become one of the largest markets of the 21st century. Companies who started small, such as Zomato and Swiggy seem to be have become Multinationals. Every company now wants an online shop for themselves as it’s a great chance to a worldwide presence without facing difficulties while setting up a physical shop. Online shops also allow more products options and types. The competition in the retail market is cut throat and companies are coming up with new strategies every day to stay on the top. This rise in demand has given Website Design Company in Bangalore an excellent chance to grow.

Marketing has turned a new leaf and this past decade has seen how the power of Digital Media and content can make or break your company. Regardless of whether you have an e-commerce site, you’re bound to be on various social media platforms to build your brand presence online. Companies are trying their best to adopt different ways to stay on the top. Digital Marketing Companies are coming up with new ways to help their client grow.

Digital Platforms

Companies often take the help of Influencers and bloggers to help grow their brand. Due to the rise of Digital Media, this community has escalated rather quickly in the last decade. From lifestyle to food, bloggers from all spheres have become a very crucial part of marketing.

Unlike Mumbai, Bangalore didn’t have the people or the infrastructure for a good video shoot or TVC ads for companies. Now shooting in Bangalore is easier than ever. Few production houses budding in the city are Miramar Films, Be Water, Full Meals to name a few. Nirvana Films headed by Prakash Varma was started in Bangalore as its base and is India’s one of the best ad film production houses.

Bangalore right now is not too big, not too small but it is definitely on its way for immense growth and development. From IT to real estate all sectors have seen been on the rise. The city that was just a small speck on the map is taking shape to make its mark.

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