Result Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing depends on data and metrics; a sound Digital Marketing campaign is designed around accumulating, deciphering and potentially using data that gets generated. Digital Marketing success depends on calibrating the data and understanding the numerous metrics and reports that are generated.

The main objectives of Digital Marketing broadly fall into 2 categories; namely, Lead generation and brand awareness. To begin with, a digital marketing manager needs to be fully aware of the Business objectives and the tracking methodology.

The business objectives are dependent on what one expects out of the digital marketing initiative, is the business looking for more eyeballs for its social media pages or its website, or is the business looking to target potential clients for its services or products? Once the end goals are determined, the second factor would be the selection of the platform. Many businesses concentrate on a maximum of 2 to 3 platforms for its digital marketing activities, and there are multiple options to choose from for e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Search Engine optimization, Mobile advertising, email marketing, content marketing via blogs, forums etc.

There are 2 modes of digital marketing

1. Generic or organic.

2. Paid searches, advertising or promotional campaigns.

Google Adwords / PPC are paid campaigns; similarly, one can have paid campaigns in social media and Youtube as well. Email marketing and Mobile marketing is another form of paid advertising that falls under the gamut of digital marketing.

Even though slow, but organic forms of digital marketing that are based on SEO, Social Media postings, blog submissions and forum submissions are also effective forms of digital marketing.

The second objective is accumulation and research of data generated.  Google analytics and other metric based analytical tools help one to keep track of the success rate of one’s online presence and the success of the campaigns. The success will depend on how well you decipher the data and take corrective actions or work on suggestions so that your online presence goes up in viewer ratings and catches more eyeballs.

A digital marketing manager will do well if he keeps the above-mentioned objectives in mind so that he/ she can deliver better results to the clients.


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