Best way to handle advertising and digital ad spending

Maximize your returns on advertising and digital ad spending
The goal of advertising is to inspire action. But what would one do when a market is flooded with brands and the onus is to inspire attention? How does one ensure that customers consider a brand as a value proposition and not a flash-in-the-pan? Creative boutique advertising creates inroads not just into untapped markets, but into the untapped consciousness of prejudiced customers and alters their buying patterns. That’s what makes Bud, the premier advertising agency – different. Bud offers brand management services that focus not just on making the customer buy the product, but keep buying it, and also recommend it to others! Now, how many agencies can do this?!
So what makes Bud tick? How does Bud, a creative ad agency in Bangalore, create a lasting relationship that flourishes into a brand with infinite momentum? The following are some of the advertising strategies that work if done the right way.

Brand management – Making the customer the brand
Subconsciously every person lives vicariously through a brand. If it helps accentuate their identity, it’s a brand. If it helps add value to their lives, it becomes a brand. Therefore, a brand is built “through” the customer and not atop the customer. A holistic customer- group study is the fulcrum on which a brand strategy is based. Research by the full-service digital agency is undertaken not just on consumer habits, but knowledge levels, skill levels, emotional needs, familial needs, romantic needs, physiological and psychological orientations. A demographic analysis is based on the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities that define a consumer group, and this influences ad designing. So this research data is the fodder for a 360 degrees brand plan by a creative hot shop that factors-in all these elements.

Creative services – Based on ideas and not ironies
The novelty of an idea that constitutes an advertising message is not based on how different it is. It is based on how it makes a difference to influence the buying pattern of prospective buyers. Bud uses a whole gamut of advertising and digital media channels including magazine ads, leaflets, posters, hoardings and radio, TV, social media advertising (Facebook posting ad creation, LinkedIn advertising), website designing, corporate films, PR releases, mobile website designing, the list goes on. The idea behind an idea is – passive persuasive advertising. Each message is a masterpiece work that has the qualities of brand recall, impactful copy, simple yet convincing graphics, and a unique eye-ergonomic layout.

Digital advertising – Standing out amidst the crowd
The digital sales agency advertising space is a hard place to advertise in, but also a sure-win game if the customer relents. Bud uses search marketing, affiliate marketing, display ads, corporate sites, mobile marketing, social media marketing etc., to give the brand an edge. Most digital marketers are in survival mode, where they rely on clicks. In this ecosystem, only creative messages with catchy, convincing and unique content stand out. It’s about reinventing the wheel after each rotation! At Bud, we are ready for this battle!

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